We're on a mission to help people
make informed decisions
about the pets they adopt

The idea behind Pettr has been something its founder has mulled over for some time: that people need to really be more responsible about the choices they make when adopting an animal into their lives. While there are many benefits of having a pet in one's life, too many people are not in the financial position to ensure that they can adequately afford the maintenance and quality of life for their furry friend. Pettr is a social entrepreneurship initiative with a goal to implement widespread improvements in society by improving the financial decision making process of people who want pets. Part of the goal is to bring about environmental, social, and economic change. It is also about animals themselves, in that it is pretty unfair on the life of a pet to be brought into a home, and then be put back up for re-adoption because of the carelessness of people who realise the cost of pet ownership is above their means.

Want to find out more?

You can contact us at [email protected] and leave us a message.

Why the name 'Pettr'?

Pettr was born from the combination of 'Pet' and 'Better', because we really should be trying to make better decisions around the choices we make for our pets.

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